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Jin Chen (陈 劲)

Ph.D (CV)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
College of Engineering and Applied Science
Lehigh University
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Jin Chen was a Ph.D candidate in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Lehigh University. He has been a research assistant at Pattern Recognition Lab (PatRec Lab) since 2007. Before joined Lehigh, he received a bachelor's degree from Nanjing University of Sci. & Tech. (NJUST) in China, 2006. Then he served as a software engineer for one year at SNDA Inc. In fall 2007, he joined Lehigh as a Ph.D student working with his advisor Professor Dan Lopresti. In October 2013, he joined Nuance as a research scientist for NLU related R&D.

His research interests include handwritten biometric security, off-line handwriting recognition, noisy document analysis. His Ph.D dissertation is on information preserving processing of noisy handwritten document images.

What's New

  1. Invited to the technical program committee at ICPR 18'.
  2. Uploaded a useful note on how to write abstract of a paper.

Graduate Research Seminar Series

All Ph.D. students in Computer Science or Computer Engineering working with CSE faculty members are invited to deliver a short 15-minute talk. As you may recall, these presentations take place on Friday at noon and include a pizza lunch provided by the CSE Department. This is great opportunity for you to share your ideas, collect feedback, and practice your presentation skills. If you have an upcoming conference presentation, you might consider making this a practice talk.

If interested, please send me 2-3 Fridays during the Fall you prefer, as well as a title and an abstract for your talk and a short bio of yourself.
I'm no longer coordinating GRSS, but this section is maintained for reference/advertising purposes.

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Technical Reports

Professional Services

        ICDAR (2017', 2015', 2013')
        ICPR (2016', 2014')
        ICFHR (2016')
          ICIP (2016', 2015', 2014')
        ACPR (2015')
        DRR (2015')
Reviewer of ACM Computing Reviews.
2015', 2013', 2011'), ICPR (2014', 2012'), ICFHR (2014', 2012'), DAS (2014'2012', 2010', 2008') DRR (2015', 2013'), ICIP (2015', 2014'), ICIAR (2015', 2014').

Useful Links

How to write a paper abstract: a wonderful example on writing good abstract, universal across subjects of course!
How to be a good paper reviewer: a good guide for reviewing a paper. Quote from Prof. Brian Davison's website.
The task of the referee: another wonderful piece of advice on reviewing scientific papers, by Alan Smith at UC Berkeley.
How NOT to review a paper: a must-read paper if you don't want to be an adversary reviewer.
How to write a research paper: an excellent advice by Simon Peyton Jones of Microsoft.

Contact Information

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Lehigh University
19 Memorial Drive  West
Bethlehem, PA 18015, USA

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