AI and Computer Games at Lehigh

Over the past 20 years computer games have gone through a remarkable evolution in areas such as graphics and multi-player gaming. Another area where some evolution can be seen is in the quality of the computer opponent. Despite this evolution, there is a big mismatch between what people in the game industry refer to as the "AI" (roughly, the program controlling the computer opponent) and what Artificial Intelligence is (" can be controlled especially if it is saturated with intelligence to watch over how it goes, to keep accounts, to prevent errors, and to provide wisdom to each decision"- Allen Newell, 1992). In our research, we are looking into contemporary computer games and studying opportunities to use Artifiical Intelligence to enhance the capabilities of the computer opponent.

Note: We stopped maintaining this web site. But our research on game AI continues. Please see our publications for details.

Here are a few activities on this topic:

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