Summary of Qualifications

A prolific contributor of innovative ideas and competitiveness concepts, with a track record as an accomplished thought leader, and advisor to senior executives. Cited by Business Week, Forbes, and Fortune magazines for visionary efforts and as the father of the virtual corporation concept. Served as the leader of the team, which developed the original ideas and concepts for agile manufacturing and global agility strategies.

Co-author of the widely influential business book, “Agile Competitors and Virtual Organizations: Strategies for Enriching the Customer.” Introduced new ideas and pioneering insights into the dynamics of people and their relationships in defining and acting upon business challenges in the book “Cooperate To Compete: Building Agile Business Relationships.” Both books are widely acclaimed internationally and are available in more than five languages.

Currently the senior Fellow for Creative programs in the Engineering college, as well as the past CEO and Director Emeritus of the Iacocca Institute. Able to understand and build on a unique background of research, in manufacturing systems, information systems, e-commerce and global competition. An established network of extensive contacts and experience with business and Industry executives in Asia, Europe and the Americas. A broad based background based on a variety of previous positions as a senior executive in Industry, government and academia, over the last thirty years.

A popular consultant, keynote speaker and guest at executive gatherings and board meetings. Routinely asked to describe the future of manufacturing, global competition and the future of e-commerce and digitization strategies in the presence of ubiquitous information and network based competition. Actively works with industry and academic executive’s to formulate strategic options enabled by these technologies.

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