Lehigh University Software Engineering Tutorial Series

Tutorial Index

Welcome to the Tutorial Series for CSE 216: Software Engineering at Lehigh University. From this page, you can find links to many tutorials. Before you can complete the individual phase of the course project, you will need to perform the first seven tutorials. The remaining tutorials will be useful during the team phases of the project.

There is a lot of content in these tutorials, and they will take a while to complete. You will probably want to read them a few times, and even reference them later in the semester.

Note, too, that these tutorials contain lots of screenshots and code listings. Please don't expect them to look good on your phone.

  1. Managing Projects with Trello
  2. Introduction to Git
  3. Maven and Databases
  4. RESTful Web Services
  5. Creating a Web Front-End
  6. Building an Android App
  7. Unit Testing
  8. Heroku, PaaS, and the 12-Factor App
  9. Understanding CORS
  10. Maintainable, Beautiful Web Front-Ends

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