During the spring 2013 semester, the Lehigh Student ACM Chapter sponsored a mobile game programming competition. Teams of up to 4 students competed by creating a game that ran on one of the three dominant mobile platforms (iOS, Android, or Windows Phone). A total of 11 teams made it to the final competition, where they presented their game prototypes to over 100 members of the Lehigh community. Below are photos and a few stories from the final day of the event.


photo from mobiLEHIGH 2013

Four professors from Lehigh University served as judges for the event: Brian Chen (Computer Science), Marilyn Jones (Art, Architecture, and Design), Hector Munoz-Avila (Computer Science), and Chitra Nayar (Marketing). Judging was comprehensive, and incorporated the expertise of the judges: games were evaluated on their overall quality, the creativity of the storyline, the artwork and music, and also the long-term financial prospects.

The judges would ultimately choose which team would receive the "judges choice" award, consisting of Nexus 7 tablets for each team member.

Peer Evaluations

photo from mobiLEHIGH 2013

More than 100 students from across Lehigh University participated in the event. These students had a chance to play every game, and then vote on their favorite.

The student's votes were used to select the "peer choice" award, an XBox 360, generously donated by Microsoft Corporation.

The Winners

The judges' choice award was earned by Amanda Shao (Accounting), David Pennenga (Computer Science), and John Formica (Computer Science) for their game "Lost Kitty". It is available for download on Google Play... be sure to check it out!

photo from mobiLEHIGH 2013 photo from mobiLEHIGH 2013

The peers' choice award went to Chris Garman, Michael Green, James Lamberti, and Munad Mahinoor for their game "The Life of Olav Broccoli". This team clearly knew their market, and while their game might only appeal to Lehigh students, it had a large group of fans.

photo from mobiLEHIGH 2013 photo from mobiLEHIGH 2013

Other Prizes

An anonymous donor was so impressed with the overall quality of the games that a donation was made to support giving each participant a 25$ gift card to the mobile app store of his/her choosing.


First and foremost, we would like to Microsoft and Google for their support of this event. Microsoft donated the peers choice prize, an XBox 360, and Google donated a large assortment of Google Play merchandise that was given to participants and attendees. Thank you Microsoft and Google!

Secondly, we thank the Lehigh ACM club for funding the top prize of Nexus 7 tablets for the winning team.

Finally, we thank the Lehigh ACM club for organizing this event, and the students of Lehigh University for taking the time out of their busy semester to participate. Well played!