1. LBFGS in C
  3. Matlab/Octave interface for nocedal's L-BFGS in fortran


  1. Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
  2. A clear explanation of Jacobian transformation of random variables

Octave/Matlab/Python and C

  1. Manual in octave's website
  2. MATLAB tips and tricks
  3. Call C codes from Python
  4. GSL/BLAS library
  5. An example on Ubuntu

Some machine learning groups

  1. UCSD Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Group
  2. CF at U of Minnesota
  3. Machine learning in ASU
  4. Machine learning in utexas

Academic presentations

  1. Loren on the Art of MATLAB
  2. Designing conference posters


  1. Linux
  2. PHD guidance
  3. PHD guidance in Stat
  4. Proposal Writing