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Arielle K. Carr

Carr Lab on Applied Numerical Analysis (CLANA) at Lehigh University

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I am an assistant professor at Lehigh University in the Computer Science and Engineering Department. My research focus is in the fields of applied linear algebra, applied numerical analysis, and scientific computing. I have extensive experience working with iterative methods for solving large linear systems and eigenproblems. In particular, I work with Krylov subspace methods and preconditioning techniques to develop novel and innovative algorithms within these fields in an effort to achieve efficient and accurate solutions to practical problems. Please see my research page for more information on past and current projects. I earned my PhD in math from Virginia Tech in 2021, where I studied the efficient solution of large linear systems and eigenproblems. I hold a BS and MS in math with a minor in computer science from VT, as well as a BA in sociology with a minor in education from Roanoke College. At Lehigh, I am a member of the Quantum Computing and Optimization Lab, the Scalable Systems and Software research group, Lehigh Blockchain, and the Institute for Data, Intelligent Systems, and Computation.

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