Dr. Brian D. Davison in the News

Occasionally, Prof. Brian Davison is mentioned in the press. Here are links to such stories. Notice of additional stories are welcome!

May 2024 Lehigh announces that our first University Research Center will focus on Catastrophe Modeling and Resilience includes my name and quotes as a co-founder of the center.
November 2023 Lehigh prepared a short article discussing two recent funding awards -- one from NSF, one from NIH -- in which I am collaborating with Anand Jagota. They deal with detecting signals from biofluids with nanotube sensors, and using machine learning to recognize particular disease states, such as cancer.
November 2023 The cover story of the Fall 2023 Resolve Magazine that is put out by the Rossin College is about Making Sense of Machine Learning, which quotes me in two stories --- An Introduction and in the conclusion on Ethics, bias, and fairness in the age of AI.
THE BROWN AND WHITE April 2023 The Brown and White ran an article on a new machine learning club at Lehigh which includes a few comments from me about machine learning and the idea of graduate and undergraduate students working together.
August 2022 Lehigh has announced my appointment as Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. This means that I've stepped down from I-DISC and others will run our new MS program in Data Science.
May 2022 Lehigh's Resolve Magazine has profiled our new master's degree program in data science, discussing the excitement and possibilities of data science.
March 2022 A short article about my doctoral student, Zhiyu Chen, and his experiences and plans with data science.
February 2022 Lehigh has announced the new Master's degree in Data Science that I and colleagues have been building.
December 2021 This article discusses our past PRAISys work and how it is continuing as part of our catastrophe modeling efforts. Published as part of the 2021 Lehigh Research Review.
December 2021 Lehigh recognized that Eashan Adhikarla won the INDIS 2021 workshop best paper award.
June 2021 Lehigh's Rossin College announced faculty promotions, including mine to full professor.
March 2021 Lehigh notes that the Institute for Data, Intelligent Systems, and Computation (I-DISC) has released a review of activities and growth for 2019 and 2020.
October 2020 In the College of Engineering's Resolve Magazine, Lehigh has highlighted our work in studying resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.
October 2020 Lehigh announced new leadership roles, including mine as Associate Director for Lehigh's Institute for Data, Intelligent Systems, and Computation (I-DISC).
September 2020 Our partnership with data.world was mentioned in their blog post.
June 2020 Lehigh's Research Review highlights our work in A search engine for datasets.
June 2020 Lehigh's Institute for Cyber Physical Infrastructure and Energy (I-CPIE) has announced that an interdisciplinary research team on community resilience to which I am a member has been awarded an internal Lehigh CORE grant for COVID-19 efforts.
THE BROWN AND WHITE March 2020 The Brown and White ran an article on Students and faculty adjust to remote learning, quoting me extensively, even though my course didn't change all that much when we transitioned to online course delivery.
May 2019 Lehigh posted an article about Youshan Zhang, one of Prof. Davison's students, winning the best student paper at FICC 2019 in San Francisco in March.
October 2018 Prof. Davison is quoted in a Resolve Magazine article on our NSF-supported REU site on Intelligent and Scalable Systems.
August 2018 The NSF has awarded a Lehigh team a research grant of over $500K to develop technology for a dataset search engine. This effort is led by Prof. Davison and his collaborators, Profs. Heflin and Jia.
April 2018 In an article within Lehigh's Research Review on Advancing Critical Infrastructure, the PRAISys project is discussed, mentioning all the PIs, including Prof. Davison.
March 2018 In a Lehigh news release, Prof. Davison is mentioned as principal investigator (along with Prof. Mike Spear as co-PI) on an NSF-funded grant to provide research experiences to undergradutes at Lehigh in machine learning and scalable systems for the next three years.
THE BROWN AND WHITE November 2017 A Brown and White article on Data X: Privacy and the addictive nature of social media quoted me at a seminar on how the notion of privacy is changing.
THE BROWN AND WHITE April 2017 The Brown and White highlighted my former student Liangji Hong '13G in an article Alumni return to campus as Data X speakers which talks about the importance of data and how these issues are essential not just to computer scientists but to all disciplines.
March 2016 Prof. Davison is mentioned as a panelist in the Data X Symposium on April 1.
October 2015 Prof. Davison is quoted briefly in a Resolve Magazine feature article on Data X.
September 2015 A newly funded project from the NSF for which Prof. Davison is co-PI was included in an NSF press release (and a subsequent Lehigh press release).
May 2014 A Lehigh article on how Building C will be renovated mentions my sabbatical that year and the joint supervision that Dan Lopresti and I had of student projects the summer of 2013.
February 2014 Work in the WUME lab was profiled on the Lehigh home page as a news link on Keeping Pace with the Data Explosion and also included at Phys.org.
Fall 2013 I was one of the profiled researchers in a cover story on The Era of Big Analytics in the College of Engineering's Resolve Magazine.
The Morning Call March 2011 My non-expert opinion was quoted (correctly!) in the local paper, in the Road Warrior's column on March 3, on the relative risks of having your driver's license read at a store.
October 2009 I was one of the profiled researchers in an article talking about leveraging high performance computing for research in the College of Engineering's Resolve Magazine.
HP December 2008 HP wrote and is sharing a a case study of the use of HP workstations in a flexible teaching lab at Lehigh called the sandbox. In it I am amusingly called a "pioneering professor" and the original sandbox design as my "brainchild".
November 2008 I was quoted in the The Ottowa Citizen in NASA, Google work on way to plug Mars into the Internet on how delay and disruption tolerant networking is a significant advance over the way the Internet has worked for the past few decades. This article was picked up by Canwest News Service and so it has appeared on The Province, The Vancouver Sun and The Montreal Gazette).
THE BROWN AND WHITE October 2008 I was quoted in the The Brown and White in an article about new high-performance computers installed recently (no longer online). While I currently chair the HPC steering committee, I am not an LTS employee, and I think the author might still be confused about computer technology.
October 2008 I was mentioned in an article talking about past work on disruption tolerant networking in the College of Engineering's Resolve Magazine.
New Scientist March 2008 An article in the 14 March 2008 issue of New Scientist relates my comments on how advertisers are manipulating search engine results. The original article is now subscription-only, but it appears to have been syndicated elsewhere, so you can read it in places such as The Sydney Morning Herald (no longer avail.) and The Age.
THE BROWN AND WHITE December 2006 I was quoted in the The Brown and White in an article about Michele Kimpton's presentation about the Internet Archive.
THE BROWN AND WHITE October 2006 The Lehigh student newspaper, The Brown and White, ran a short story mentioning my presentation on the United Nations and Internet governance (no longer online). Look here for the archival version.
September 2006 Lehigh put out a story about my recent NSF CAREER award. An abbreviated version of the article also appeared in the College of Engineering's Resolve Magazine.
June 2006 Lehigh's feature on our work on finding search engine spam.
May 2006 Microsoft Live Labs' announcement that I was one of the twelve winners of their Accelerating Search in Academic Research 2006 Awards. They also generated a press release.
May 2006 A photo at a Yahoo party at WWW2006 in which a friend and I are looking at his game of Yahoodoku.
January 2005 Lehigh's story on our CMG 2004 Best Paper award.
THE BROWN AND WHITE January 2005 The Lehigh student newspaper, The Brown and White, ran a story on BitTorrent that quoted me a few times.
THE BROWN AND WHITE October 2004 This Brown and White story on Mozilla Firefox web browser quoting me on Firefox's ability to prefetch web content.
April 2004 I was quoted in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on startups in Web search, in an article that is mostly about Greg Linden's Findory.com.
March 2003 Fast Company wrote an article about the growth of Google in which I was quoted about Google's hiring successes. Apparently this article was widely syndicated, including placement in airline magazines, etc.

For more information about Dr. Davison, please see the short biography and CV that are available from his home page.

Last modified: 3 November 2023