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Toward An Adaptive Command Line Interface

Uncorrected Paper (as published, 4 pages)
Postscript (247KB) PDF (124KB)
Brian D. Davison and Haym Hirsh

Corrected Abstract (see below)

Presented at the Seventh International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, August 24-29, 1997, San Francisco, CA. Proceedings published as Advances in Human Factors/Ergonomics Volume 21B - Design of Computing Systems: Social and Ergonomic Considerations, pp. 505-508: Elsevier Science Publishers.

Important Note:

This paper, and our Autonomous Agents paper that it references have results that were computed using a corrupted datafile. While it does not change the results qualitatively, it does make some quantitative changes. Corrections to the paper are as follows:

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