ROPE: The Rutgers Online Proxy Evaluator

Technical Report (20 pages)
Postscript (1.67MB) PDF (300KB)
Brian D. Davison and Chandrasekar Krishnan

The Simultaneous Proxy Evaluation (SPE) architecture provides one way to measure the performance of proxy caches. It includes the novel ability to compare prefetching proxy cache performance, but poses a number of implementation challenges. In this report we describe our prototype implementation of SPE, the Rutgers Online Proxy Evaluator (ROPE). We discuss a number of issues raised during development, describe validation tests, and demonstrate the use of our prototype in two experiments to simultaneously evaluate up to four publicly available proxy cache implementations. We measure bandwidth used and response latencies, but also discover unexpected caching bugs in two of the proxies tested.

Technical Report DCS-TR-445, Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University, August 2001.

In accordance with the terms of the Web Polygraph license under which we are permitted to publish Polygraph-generated results, we provide here (among other things) the raw logs from which we calculated performance as presented in our paper.

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Last modified: 6 March 2002
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