From Whence Does Your Authority Come?
Utilizing Community Relevance in Ranking

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Lan Nie, Brian D. Davison and Baoning Wu.

A web page may be relevant to multiple topics; even when nominally on a single topic, the page may attract attention (and thus links) from multiple communities. Instead of indiscriminately summing the authority provided by all pages, we decompose a web page into separate subnodes with respect to each community pointing to it. Utilizing the relevance of such communities allows us to better model the semantic structure of the Web, leading to better estimates of authority for a given query. We apply a total of eighty queries over two real-world datasets to demonstrate that the use of community decomposition can consistently and significantly improve upon PageRank's top-ten results.

In Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-07), pages 1421-1426, Vancouver, Canada, July 2007.

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