Next Generation Agility: Smart Business and Smart Communities

Book Chapter (7 pages)
Steve L. Goldman, Roger N. Nagel, Brian D. Davison, and P. D. Schmid

In February 2008 a group of Lehigh University faculty and graduate and undergraduate students, led by Roger Nagel and drawn from all four of Lehigh's Colleges, launched a study of how organizations could derive value from communities analogous to those mobilized by popular social networking and virtual environment applications, and how those organizations would have to change to realize that value. The article that follows is an account of a work in progress with the goal of helping companies understand how the agile business paradigm is evolving and how to remain competitive.

Reference: S. L. Goldman, R. N. Nagel, B. D. Davison, and P. D. Schmid. Next Generation Agility: Smart Business and Smart Communities. In P.H.M. Vervest, D.W. van Liere, and L. Zheng (eds.), The Network Experience: New Value from Smart Business Networks, Chapter 4, pp. 49-55. Springer-Verlag, 2009.

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Last modified: 6 November 2008
Brian D. Davison