CSE 343/443: Network Security (Fall 06, Spring 08/10, Fall 13, Spring 17/18)


Prof. M. Chuah

Teaching Assistant:

Dr. Peng Yang
pey204(at) lehigh.edu

Course Description:

CSE 343/443 is a senior undergraduate and graduate level course that covers in detail some topics in network security. It starts with an overview of TCP/IP stacks, their strengths and weaknesses, followed by topics like intrusion detection, worm modeling and detection, VPNs, IPSEC, PKIs etc. Last but not least, wireless security issues will also be discussed.


To provide an in-depth understanding of how important issues related to network security. In addition, the students will learn how to use publicly available tools for detecting, responding and recovering from security incidents e.g. etherreal, nmap, SNORT etc. Graduate students will be made aware of current research topics in this area. These objectives are accomplished through course lectures, paper readings, and extensive laboratory exercises.


CSE 109, CSE202, or equivalent

Expected Work:

Homework, lab programming assignments, War Game


Midterm, War Game (plus report) (Undergraduate)/Class project (Graduate)



Cryptography and Network Security , W. Stallings, 4th Edition, Prentice Hall (Required).

SSL and TLS Essentials, S. Thomas, Wiley (Recommended)

Internet Denial of Service, Mirkovic, Dietrich, Reiter , Prentice Hall (Recommended)

Real 802.11 Security , Edney, Arbaugh , Addison Wesley (Recommended)

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