Use case analysis and partial class and methods pseudocode for Game of War

Use case: Game of War
  1. Shuffle a deck of 52 cards.
  2. Deal pile of cards to two players, face down.
  3. Both players show top card.
  4. Player with higher card puts both cards at bottom of his/her pile.
  5. Go to step 3.
Alternative: War
  At step 4, both cards have same value.
  6. Declare "war".
  7. Both players draw three cards face down.
  8. Go to step 3.
Alternative: not enough cards for War.
  At step 7, a player does not have three cards.
  9. Draw all available cards except one (for step 3).
  9b. If this player has no cards left, put top card back (for step 3).
  10. Go to step 3.
  At step 5, player has no more cards.
  Other plays wins the game.

  class Card    Represents a playing card
     int suit     0..3, representing Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades
     int face     0..12, representing 2..10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace
     Card(int n)    construct one of 52 cards, based in value of n
     show()     Display the value and suit as text on screen
                     e.g., value=13, suit=1 displays "Ace of Diamonds"
     beats(Card other)  true if this Card beats other Card's face value
     ties(Card other)   true if this Card ties other Card's face value
  class Deck    Represents a deck of playing cards
     Deck()        construct array of 52 Cards
     shuffle()     shuffle deck into random order
     deal(Pile,Pile)        arrange cards into two Piles
  class Pile    Arrange a player's cards in a queue
     Pile()        construct an empty queue
     nextCard()   get next card from top of Pile
     putCard(Card card) add card to bottom of pile
     noMoreCards() true if no more cards in pile
     size()        number of cards in pile
  class Game    Sets up and plays a game of war
     Game()      Construct Deck, shuffle deal two piles, and play
     play()      Play the game until a player wins

     Card(int n)    //construct a Card, given n from 1 to 52
         face = n % 13    e.g., 12 is 12, an Ace; 13 is 1, a Deuce
         suit = n / 13    e.g., 12 is 0, a Club; 13 is 1, a Diamond
         if face is 0 then display "Deuce"
         else if face between 1 and 8 then display face+1
         else if face is 9 then display "Jack"
         else if face is 10 then display "Queen"
         else if face is 11 then display "King"
         else if face is 12 then display "Ace"
         display " of "
         if suit is 0 then display "Clubs"
         else if suit is 1 then display "Diamonds"
         else if suit is 2 then display "Hearts"
         else if suit is 3 then display "Spades"
     beats(Card other)
         if face > other.face then true else false
     ties(Card other)
          if face == other.face then true else false

     Pile()        construct an empty pile of Cards
        get Card from top of Pile
        remove it from Pile
        return Card
     Card putCard(Card)
        put card at the bottom of the pile
     boolean noMoreCards() if pile is empty then true else false

       for each n, 1 to 52, construct Card(n) and insert in deck[n]
       shuffle deck
        display "Shuffling deck"
        for each card in deck, pick another random card and swap them
     deal(Pile pile1, Pile pile2)
        display "Dealing deck into two piles"
        for each card in deck, put every other card in one of two piles

        construct a Deck
        deal deck into two piles
    start an empty war pile
        play until there is a winner
        get card from top of each player's pile
        show player 1's card " against " player 2's card
        put each player's card into war pile
        winner = 0
        while winner is 0
           if player 1's card beats player 2's card then
              display player 1's card " wins"
              winner = 1
           else if player 2's card beats player 1's card then
              display player 2's card " wins"
              winner = 2
             display "War!"
             if size of player1's pile is at least 4 then
               get three cards from player1's pile put them into war pile
             else get size-1 card from player 1's pile
             Ditto for player 2
       if either player has no more cards then
             put top card back in that player's pile (so that play can continue)
           return true (keep playing)
        if winner is 1 then
           for each card in war pile
              display "player 1 gets " show card
              put each card in player's 1 pile
        else ditto if winner is 2                
        if either's player pile is empty
            then declare other player the winner
            return false (stop playing)
        else return true (keep playing)