CSc 327: Artificial Intelligence

Spring 2002

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Professor TA
Name: Jeff Heflin Xu Ke
Office: 330 Packard Lab 201A Packard Lab
Office Hours: Mon. 10:30-12pm, Thr. 2-3:30pm,
and by appointment
Tues. 3-5pm, Wed. 3-5pm
Phone: 610-758-6533
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Class Time and Location: Tue. and Thr. 9:20-10:35am, Christmas-Saucon Hall 201

Prerequisites: junior or above status, computer literacy, and the ability to understand algorithms

This course will provide a general introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will discuss what AI is, survey some of the major results in the field, and look at a few promising directions. In particular, we will seek answers to questions such as how do you represent and reason with knowledge? how can a robot or artificial agent formulate a plan to achieve a task? and how can an agent learn in order to improve its behavior or cope with unanticipated situations?

Russell, Stuart and Peter Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. Prentice-Hall, New Jersey, 1995.

Homework assignments40%
Midterm exam20%
Final exam40%

Late Work Policy:
Unless a valid written medical excuse from a health professional is provided, late work will be docked one letter grade for each day that it is late.


This class schedule is tentative and may change depending on the pace at which we complete the material.

Date Topic Reading Assignments
Jan. 15,17 Introduction Chapters 1 and 2  
Jan. 22,24 Search Chapters 3 and 4
Jan. 29,31 Game Playing Chapter 5
Feb. 5,7 Logical Reasoning Chapter 6
Feb. 12 Pacing break
Feb. 14,19 First Order Logic Chapter 7 Homework #1 due Feb. 14
Feb. 21 Knowledge Representation Section 10.6,
The SHOE Specification
Feb. 26 Knowledge Bases Sections 8.1-8.4
Feb. 28 Midterm Exam
Mar. 5,7 Spring break
Mar. 12 Inference in First Order Logic Sections 9.1-9.5
Mar. 14,19 Prolog Section 10.3,
Endriss Chapter 1
Homework #2 due Mar. 14
Mar. 21,26 Planning Chapter 11
Mar. 28 Easter break
Apr. 2,4 Practical Planning Chapter 12
Apr. 9,11 Learning Chapter 18 Homework #3 due Apr. 9
Apr. 16 Neural Networks Sections 19.1-19.5
Apr. 18,23 Communicating Chapter 22
Apr. 25 Perception Sections 24.1-24.4, 24.7 Homework #4 due Apr. 25
Apr. 30 Lisp handouts
May 2 Review Chapter 27