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Daniel P. Lopresti

“Toward Resisting Forgery Attacks via Pseudo-Signatures,” J. Chen, D. Lopresti, and F. Monrose, to be presented at the Tenth International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, July 2009, Barcelona, Spain.

Recent work has shown that certain handwriting biometrics are susceptible to forgery attacks, both human- and machine-based. In this paper, we examine a new scheme for using handwritten input that attempts to address such concerns. Pseudo-signatures are intended to be easy for users to create and reproduce while being resilient to forgeries. Here we evaluate their feasibility in terms of usability and security through several user studies. Our initial experiments suggest that, when well-chosen, pseudo-signatures may prove to be an attractive biometric, although more research is required.

Paper  (PDF 210 kbytes)

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