Roberto Palmieri

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I am an Associate Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Lehigh University where I lead the SSS - Scalable Systems Software Research Group.
My research focuses on different aspects of concurrency, synchronization, transactional memory, data structures, distributed computing, hererogeneous systems, in-memory key-value stores, fault tolerance, and distributed systems, spanning from theory to practice. I am passionate about designing and implementing synchronization protocols optimized for a wide range of deployments, from multicore architectures to cluster-scale and geo-distributed infrastructures.

Research Group -- Spring 2022
I am always looking for motivated students who are enthusiastic about theory and practice of concurrency, synchronization, distributed systems, and/or any topic that falls into my areas of interest (see Research).

Some Recent Publications:

  • Jacob Nelson-Slivon, Lewis Tseng and Roberto Palmieri
    Brief Announcement: Asymmetric Mutual Exclusion for RDMA
    The 36th International Symposium on Distributed Computing, DISC, October 25-27, 2022.
  • Jacob Nelson, Ahmed Hassan, Roberto Palmieri
    Bundled References: An Abstraction for Highly-Concurrent Linearizable Range Queries
    27th ACM SIGPLAN Annual Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (PPoPP), April 2-6, 2022. Link Paper
  • Haochen Pan, Jesse Tuglu, Neo Zhou, Tianshu Wang, Yicheng Shen, Xiong Zheng, Joseph Tassarotti, Lewis Tseng, Roberto Palmieri
    Rabia: Simplifying State-Machine Replication Through Randomization
    The 28th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP), October 25-28, 2021. Link Paper
  • dePaul Miller, Jacob Nelson, Ahmed Hassan, Roberto Palmieri
    KVCG: A Heterogeneous Key-Value Store for Skewed Workloads
    The 14th ACM International System and Storage Conference (SYSTOR), June 14-16, 2021. Link Paper
  • Masoomeh Javidi Kishi, Roberto Palmieri
    FW-KV: Improving Read Guarantees in PSI
    The 22nd ACM/IFIP International Conference (Middleware), 6-10 December, 2021. Link Paper
  • Jacob Nelson, Roberto Palmieri
    Performance Evaluation of the Impact of NUMA on One-sided RDMA Interactions
    The 39th International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS), September 21-24, 2020. 
    Link Paper
  • Masoomeh Javidi Kishi, Sebastiano Peluso, Hank Korth, Roberto Palmieri
    SSS: Scalable Key-Value Store with External Consistent and Abort-free Read-only Transactions
    The 39th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), 2019. 
    Link Paper