Sihong Xie


Room 326, Building C, Mountaintop Campus
Computer Science and Engineering Department,
Lehigh University,
Bethlehem, PA 18015
Email: <lastname><firstname>


I am an Associate Professor, and was an Assistant Professor from 2016 Aug - 2023 May.
I obtained my PhD (2010-2016) from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago under the supervision of Prof.Philip S. Yu.
I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the School of Software Engineering at Sun Yat-Sen University in 2004 and 2008, respectively.


May 19, 2023: I was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. Thanks to all those who helped me on my way to tenure!
Apr 4, 2022: I received the 2022 NSF CAREER award (NSF IIS-2145922). News release 1 2. Thanks NSF and collaborators!
Dec 14, 2021: An undergraduate capstone project on interpretable fake review detection
         won the first place in the presentation competition. Photo and slides.
Dec 9, 2021: A joint grant on Mathematical Optimization and Data Science is awarded by Research Futures.
Dec 7, 2021: Invited to give a talk on fairness in machine learning to kids attending LEAP Academy.
Nov 19, 2021: Invited to give a talk on robust misinformation detection for e-commerce at Meta (slides).
Oct 20, 2021: Gave a talk on Interpretable and Fair ML on graphs at CS@IowaState (abstract and slides).
Sep 1, 2021: Will serve as a Senior PC of AAAI 2022.
Aug 31, 2021: Three papers on Interpretable ML on graphs and structural crowdsourcing are accepted to ICDM 2021.
Aug 8, 2021: A paper on Fair ML on graphs is accepted to CIKM 2021.
May 1, 2021: KDD 2021 Workshop Call for paper: TrueFact 2021.
Sep 3, 2020: A grant (NSF IIS-2008155) is awarded. Thanks NSF and collaborators!
Aug 8, 2020: Two papers accepted to CIKM 2020.
May 1, 2020: KDD 2020 Workshop Call for paper (due May 20): TrueFact 2020.
Dec 6, 2019: A joint grant on Efficient, Explainable and Robust Data Scientific Methods for Smart Engineering Systems
         is awarded by the Accelerator program.
Sep 12, 2019: A grant (NSF CNS-1931042) is awarded. Thanks NSF and collaborators!