CSE 271: Programming in C and the UNIX Environment (Spring 2013)

InstructorProf. Brian D. Davison
davison (at) cse.lehigh.edu
Time/Location Mon/Wed/Fri 1:10-2:00pm (Packard 258) or Packard 122 (Weds)
Catalog Description C language syntax and structure. C programming techniques. Emphasis on structured design for medium to large programs. Unix operating system fundamentals. Unix utilities for program development, text processing, and communications.
Prerequisites CSE 109
Introduction The 'C' programming language was originally developed for and implemented on the UNIX operating system. The language itself is not tied to any particular hardware or system, helping make C programs portable across many different systems. C is often called a middle-level computer language as it combines the elements of high-level languages with much of the power of assembly language.

UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems (such as Linux and Mac OS X) power much of the Internet. They are inherently multi-user, multi-process, and often extensively networked, and UNIX has provided such services for decades.

In addition, both C and UNIX are used in many upper-level CS courses. This course is intended for undergraduate students interested in learning the C programming language and learning how to become proficient in using and programming within the UNIX environment.

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