CSE 403: Advanced Operating Systems (Spring 2015)


Prof. M. Chuah

Graduate Assistant:

Walter Scheirer
wjs3(at) lehigh.edu

Course Description:

CSE403 is a graduate level course that covers in detail some advanced topics in operating system design and implementations. It starts with topics such as operating system structures, multithreading, deadlock avoidance, scheduling, security and then moves on to system issues in parallel and distributed computing. We will read and discuss a number of important research papers that have been published. Students are expected to have a deep understanding of the problem that is addressed by the paper, and the solution proposed by the authors.


To provide an in-depth understanding of how operating system and distributed system work. In addition, the students will learn current research topics in this area. These objectives are accomplished through course lectures, paper readings, and extensive laboratory exercises.


CSE 303 or equivalent

Expected Work:

Homework, lab programming assignments


Midterm, and final project



Operating Systems ĘC Internal and Design Principles, W. Stallings, 4th Editiion, Prentice Hall.

Operating System Concepts, Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne, 6th edition, Wiley

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