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Open Colleges Interactive Brain

Virtual Hospital – For Health Providers and for Patients

Netherland Image Sciences Institute Medical Imaging Research

Visible Human Project at the United States National Library of Medicine

ITK – NLM Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit

Medical Images & Illustrations



SIID – Shape Query of Image Databases at Brown University

SQUID – Shape Queries using Image Databases

MNIST – MNIST Database of Handwritten Digits

CUReT – Columbia-Utrecht Reflectance and Texture Database




Intel OpenCV library

Matlab Documentation

Matlab Image Processing Toolbox Documentation

CTAN: the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network- Latex

SourceForge Net

The Gnu Project


Irfan View






VICON Motion Systems

Sick AG

Applied Science Laboratories

Varian Medical Systems

National Digital Medical Archive (NDMA)

Nvidia Corp   |  AMD ATI

Siemens Corporate Research  |  Siemens Medical Solutions

GE Healthcare

Philips Medical Systems

Quest Diagnostics Inc.

Molecular Devices - Metamorph  |  Bitplan - Imaris

MERL-Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

Microsoft Research (Redmond) (Asia) (Cambridge)

Sarnoff Corporation

NEC Research Institute, Inc.

Microvision, Inc.