Lehigh IDEA Lab

At the Image Data Emulation and Analysis (IDEA) Lab at Lehigh University, we conduct both theoretical and applied research in the areas of biomedical image analysis, computer vision and computer graphics. A central theme of the research is to analyze images and videos and extract meaningful information from them for interpretation, quantification, modeling and synthesis. The current focus of the lab is on developing robust and novel methods for segmentation, matching/registration, deformable object modeling, skeletonization, recognition, and tracking. We also work on multi-modal data structuring, querying, integration, and visualization.

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Xiaolei Huang

Current Ph.D. Students
Hongsheng Li
Edward Kim
Ting Xu
Yaoyao Zhu (co-advising with Prof. Dan Lopresti) 
Wei Wang

Former Ph.D. Students

Tian Shen (graduated with PhD in 2011)

Other Students Involved in Lab Research

Hisham Abu-Nabaa (Summer 07)
Mayura Warge (Fall 08~Spring 09)
Yusuf Artan (Summer~Fall 07)
Thomas Boinot (Summer~Fall 07)
Nick Moukhine (Fall 07)
Yu Tian (Spring 08)
Doug Paul (Spring 07)
Abraham Jun (Summer 08)
Christopher Hamilton (Fall 07~Spring 08)
Samuel Wechsler (Fall 07~Spring 08)
Whitney Levine (Fall 09)
Eric Wasserman (Fall 09)
Alex Thompson (Fall 09)
Derrek Harrison (Fall 09)

To prospective students: If you are a Lehigh or a prospective student who would like to gain first-hand research experience in biomedical imaging, computer vision, or computer graphics, please send an email to huang AT cse.lehigh.edu and inquire about current research opportunities.? Interested Lehigh students are welcome to work in our lab during the academic year or during summer time for either independent studies or a stipend.


Research projects in the IDEA lab are sponsored by:


Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback