Research Group


Main Topics

  • Concurrency
  • Distributed Synchronization
  • Multicore and NUMA Synchronization
  • Software and Hardware Transactional Memory
  • Concurrent and Transactional Data Structures
  • GPU Synchronization
  • Transactional Systems
  • Distributed Database
  • Fault-Tolerance and Replication
  • Consensus
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Research Sponsors

  • National Science Foundation (NSF) - CNS Division
  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)
  • Stellar Foundation
  • Oracle

Student Advisement

  • PhD
    • Amanda Baran GitHub Repository Amanda Baran - RDMA-aware Distributed Commitment Protocols. Internships: Google (2022), Saleforce (2021).
    • dePaul Miller GitHub Repository dePaul Miller - Heterogeneous Distributed Computing; GPU Synchronization. Internships: NVIDIA (2022), NVIDIA (2021).
    • Jacob Nelson GitHub Repository Jacob Nelson - Systems; Distributed Transactions; Advanced Synchronization Primitives. Internships: Google (2021), Google (2020), Google (2019), Qualcomm (2018), OSISoft (2017).
    • Olivia Grimes - Advanced Synchronization Technicques for Concurrent Data Structures. Internships: Saleforce (2022), IBM (2021).
  • MS


  • Post-doc
    • Dr. Ahmed Hassan. Now Professor of Practice in the Computer Science Department at Lehigh University.
  • PhD
    • Masoomeh Kishi. Dissertation title: "Achieving Strong Consistency and Low-Cost Fault Toleranceusing Logical Clocks in Distributed Transactional Systems". First employment: Oracle.
    • Mohamed Saad (Automatic Code Parallelization). Now Assistant Professor at Alexandria University, Egypt
    • Sachin Hirve (Speculative State-Machine Replication). First employment: MathWorks, Natick, MA, USA
    • Ahmed Hassan (Transactional Data Structures and Low-Overhead STM Protocols). First employment: Postdoctoral Research Associate at Virginia Tech, USA
    • Mohamed Mohamedin (HTM Protocols and Fault Tolerant STM)<. Now at Alexandria University, Egypt
    • Junwhan Kim (Scheduling Memory Transactions in Distributed Systems). Now at University of District of Columbia, Washington DC, USA
    • Alexandru Turcu (Independent Transactions and Geo-Replicated Transactional Protocols). Now at Google, NY, USA
  • MS
    • Athicha Srivirote (Concurrent Data Structures). Now graduate student at Northeastern University.
    • Paul Grocholske (RDMA-based Distributed Systems). First employment: Amazon, USA.
    • Chris Doms (Code Optimiztion). First employment: Amazon, USA.
    • Zhanhao Chen (Scheduling Hardware Transactions). First employment: Palo Alto Networks Inc.
    • Shihao Jing (Ordered Transactions). First employment: Google, USA.
    • Michael Embick (GCC Extensions).
    • Utkarsh Pandey (Deferred Update Replication). First employment: Hughes Network Systems, USA
    • Duane Niles (Parallel Activation of Nested Transactions). First employment: Bloomberg, USA
    • Sree Ram Mohanan (Locality Aware Partial Replication Systems)
    • Aditya Dhoke (On Partial Aborts and Reducing Validation Costs in Fault-tolerant Distributed Transactional Memory). First employment: Juniper Networks, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, USA
  • BS
    • Nicole ElChaar (Distributed Data Structures). Now MS student at Lehigh University.
    • Joe Foster (Elastic Data Structures).
    • Mark Bense (Memory management and Scheduling on Tensorflow). First employment: Lockheed Martin.
    • Luke Bernick (Complexity of Concurrent Programs). Now graduate student at Cornell University.
    • Thomas Salemy (Advanced Lock-based Synchronization for Data Structures). First employment: Microsoft, USA.
    • Henry Daly (Concurrent Data Structures for Modern Architectures). First employment: Lockheed Martin.