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Arielle K. Carr - Students

Current Graduate Students

Rishad Islam (Ph.D., starting Fall 2022)

Undergraduate Independent Studies

  • Sebastian Chavarro, Stephanie Murphy, Rose Rush, Andrew Sukach, CSE Capstone project, Spring 2022-Fall 2022, A Programming Platform for Numerical Analysis and Data Visualization.
  • Anna Thomas, Math, Undergraduate Independent Study, Summer 2021, An Introduction to Model Reduction.
  • Colin Hussey, Finance, Undergraduate Independent Study, Spring 2020, A Study of Numerical Methods and the LU Factorization.
  • Hannah Lee, CSB, Women in Data Science (WiDS) co-ambassador, Spring 2020, WiDS@Bethlehem, Lehigh Virtual Expo, May 2020.
  • Rebecca Gjini, Math, Undergraduate Independent Study, Fall 2019, A Study of Numerical Methods and Eigenvalues.
  • Forest Crowley, CSE, Undergraduate Independent Study, Summer 2019, A Practical Survey of Cryptography.

Positions Available

I am always looking for motivated graduate and undergradute students with strong programming skills who are capable of conducting quality research in the fields of scientific computing, applied linear algebra, and applied numerical analysis. Experience in high performance computing is preferred, but not required. Please contact me directly via email with your CV and a brief statement of purpose if you are interested in applying to work in my lab.