CIMEL project home page Universal Computer screen shot
Screen capture of The Universal Computer: Introducing Computer Science with Multimedia

CIMEL multimedia currently features material for a first year course in computer science, associated with the textbook The Universal Computer: A Multimedia Introduction to Computer Science. The textbook is now out of print; the author has a few copies he can sell, or he can make PDF files of the chapters available upon request.
Everyone is welcome to use the multimedia. Feedback from anyone who finds it welcome. Just send email to the author. Note that development for this project has ended, so it must be used on an as is basis.

CIMEL multimedia is accessible via the web. It requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher, a current Flash player, a high speed connection, and a reasonably fast machine. Assuming you are in Microsoft Internet Explorer with Flash installed, go to the multimedia now.

CIMEL: Constructive, collaborative Inquiry-based Multimedia E-learning

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