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CSE 332: Multimedia Design and Development
Spring 2010

Professor: Glenn D. Blank               Phone: 610-758-4867                  Office: 328 Packard Lab
Hours: TTh 1:30-2:15pm and by appt.    E-mail:   Web site:
Teaching Assistant: James Evans   Hours: Wed 4-5pm, 325 Packard Lab Phone: 646-919-0994 Email:

Course description: Analysis, design and implementation of multimedia software, primarily for e-learning courses or training.
Projects emphasize user interface design, content design with storyboards or scripts, creation of graphics, animation,
audio and video materials, and software development using high level authoring tools, such as Flash.
Prerequisite: CSE12, CSE15, Engr 1 or consent of instructor. Blank.

Required textbooks:
David Unruh, e-Learning with Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Mike Sands has updated the first seven chapters of this earlier book
which are available as a pdf file (also exercises in a zip file) on Blackboard, for the first three weeks.
David Unruh, e-Learning with Macromedia Flash, links to the current version available in the syllabus below.
Recommended texts:
Ruth Colvin Clark and Richard E. Mayer, e-Learning and the Science of Instruction, 2nd edition, Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer 2007.
Prof. Blank will circulate the following text in class: Lisa Lopuck, Multimedia Design: PeachPit Press, 1996)

Requirements (no exams):
Paper comparing two multimedia e-learning titles, due January 19: 5%
Class learning activity: 10%
Class participation and quizzes: 10%
Flash lab and homework exercises: 25%
Team project (analysis, UI prototype, design (script/storyboard), user observation report, team member role assessments and user manual and working projects): 50%

Class      Topic                                                                                     Readings (assignments due)
1/19        Goals of course; what is multimedia e-learning?
1/21        Flash lab (PL 112): Drawing and text                                 Unruh chapters 1-3
1/26        Flash lab (PL 112): Timelines and animation                      Unruh chapters 4-5
1/28        Assembling a multimedia team                                                  
2/2         Multimedia software life cycle                                            (form teams)
2/4         Flash lab (PL 112): Multimedia & symbols                         Unruh chapters 6-7
2/9         Nagivation structures
2/11        Flash lab (PL 112): Introduction to ActionScript                 Unruh chapter 9
2/16        User interface design and paper prototype
2/18        Flash lab (PL 112): More ActionScript                              Unruh chapter 10
2/23        User interface design and paper prototypes                           (project analysis)
2/25        Flash lab (PL 112): Text and XML files                              Unruh eLearning 6
3/2         E-learning &cognitive principles                                                Clark chapters 1-4
3/4         Flash lab (PL 112): Learning Interactions                            Unruh eLearning 1                         
3/16        User interface design, storyboards and scripting                         (paper project UI prototypes)
3/18        Flash lab (PL 112): Menus and maps                                Unruh eLearning 4
3/23        Modality and redundancy principles                                       Clark chapters 5-6 (demo user interface prototypes)
3/25        Flash lab (PL 112): Drag & drop, pre-loaders                  Unruh eLearning 6 & 7
3/30        Graphics; discuss project design and user interfaces                (project design I)
4/1          Flash lab (PL 112): Flash and databases                            
4/6          Sound; Coherence&Personalization principles                           Clark chapters 7-8 and Johnson, Rickel and Lester
4/8          Flash lab (PL 112):  Databases & learning interactions      
4/13        Usability; user observations; Examples & practice principles             Clark chapters 10-11  (project design II)
4/15         Flash lab: (PL 112): Games                                              Unruh eLearning 9
4/20        Intelligent tutoring systems: who's in control?                          Moritz, Wei, Parvez and Blank; Clark chapters 13-14
4/22        Flash lab: PL 112): Games with databases, simulations
4/27        Dynamic HTML and AJAX
4/29        Flash lab: Fractions tutor in Flash Present content prototypes  (project user observation reports)
5/10 or 5/11 TBD                                                                                     Final project presentations