Mooi Choo Chuah
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I am a Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Lehigh University, where I head up the WiNS Laboratory. My research interests include building robust mobile data systems, assistive technologies, and future internet systems. I teach courses in operating systems, networking and network security, and also serve as the instructor for both the Computer Science and Computer Engineering senior design courses. My research is funded by the National Science Foundation, DARPA, the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

Recent News

  • Thanks to NSF for funding my CPS project related to autonomous driving
  • Thanks to FORD for awarding us with a University Research Grant 2019, 2020
  • My Fall18 CS senior project group rocked! Robbin Xu, Yifan Huang, Jaiye Chen and He Huang won the outstanding senior project award. They work on applications of USVs in littoral environments.
  • Thanks to Qualcomm for awarding me with Faculty Research Award 2019, 2020
  • I am recently elected NAI Fellow (Class of 2018).
  • My 2017 CS senior design groups Rocked! Christie Altadonna & Kira Gobes won the Peer Choice Award. Congratulations ladies!
  • I am recently elevated to IEEE Fellow (Class of 2015).
  • My 2014 CS senior project group Rocked! Jesse Kurtz& Kyle Moore won the Peer Choice Senior Project Award for CS. Congratulations gentlemen!
  • I am a Co-PI in a new NSF Smart Spaces REU Site at Lehigh University.
  • We've released several Android applications targeting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. You can check out our website here!

Professional Activities

  • I am serving on the Program Committees for INFOCOM 2018
  • I currently serve as an Associate Editor for Elsevier Smart Health Journal
  • I served as an Associate Editor for IEEE transaction on Parrallel and Distributed Systems (2013-2016)
  • Previously, I have served as an editor for IEEE transaction on Mobile Computing, Computer Networks, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing.
  • About Me...

    I received my bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Malaya. Then, I spent 2.5 years at R& D Department at Motorola Penang Sdn. Bhd before starting my PhD study at UCSD under Prof Rene L. Cruz. My PhD research focused on modeling and analysis of dynamic routing schemes via a fluid-based non-traditional approach. After my PhD, I joined Bell Labs in 1991 and stayed there for 12 years where I was involved in designing future wireless internet systems. I joined Lehigh in Jan 2004. Based on my work at Bell Labs, I was awarded 62 US patents and 15 international patents. More information can be found here

    For fun, I like volunteering at a ministry involving special need children, listening to piano music and counseling students.