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Henry S. Baird


(Note to students considering applying to the CSE Dept's Ph.D. and M.S. programs.  Admissions are decided by the dept's graduate admissions committee:  I can advise the committee, but I don't personally make the decisions. Nevertheless, please feel free to introduce yourself to me by email and/or have your academic advisor write to me. If you decide to apply, follow the steps spelled out on our department's admissions page.)

Dr. Baird is serving---or has served---on Ph.D. dissertation committees for (among others):
  • Ed Kim, Ph.D. candidate advised by Prof. Xiaolei Huang, CSE Dept. He expects to present his General EXam in April 2012.
  • Suk-un Yoon, Ph.D. candidate advised by Prof. Liang Cheng, CSE Dept. He expects to present his General Exam in June 2012.
  • Dawei (David) Yin, Ph.D. candidate advised by Prof. Brian Davison, CSE Dept.  He has been admitted to candidacy and is working on the topic Prediction and Recommendation in Social Media. He passed his General Exam in January 2012.
  • Yaoyao Zhu, Ph.D. candidate advised by Prof. Xiaolei Huang, CSE Dept.  She will defend her dissertation on the interactive segmentation of medical images, in April 2012.
  • Hongsheng Li, Ph.D. candidate advised by Xiaolei Huang, CSE Dept.  He will give his General Exam talk, on Mathematical Models for Object Matching and Their Application  to Computer Vision and Biomedical Imaging, in early February 2012.
  • Patrick Schmid, Ph.D. candidate advised by Prof. Roger Nagel, CSE Dept; 2004-present. Tentative dissertation title: A Unified Network Theory, Model, and Simulation Engine
  • Zhengziang Pan, Ph.D. candidate advised by Prof. Jeff Heflin, CSE Dept; 2006-present.  Tentative dissertation title: Towards a Global Scale Semantic Web.
  • Xiaoguang Qi, Ph.D. candidate advised by Prof. Brian Davison, CSE Dept; 2006-present.  Tentative dissertation subject:  web page classification.

In the past.....

He has worked closely with these students since joining Lehigh:

Chang An joined our Ph.D. program in Fall 2005 and worked with me on research problems arising in digital libraries. He defended his dissertation Iterated Classification of Document Images in Spring 2011, and graduated in May of that year.

Dawei (David) Yin joined our Dept in the Spring of 2009. He investigated algorthm enhancements for fast approximate nearest-neighbor classifiers, and wrote several papers on this with me.

Pingping Xiu joined us in Fall 2006 as an RCEAS Dean's Doctoral Assistant.  He spent the Summer of 2007 as an intern at Google, Inc., in Mountain View, CA working with principals of the Book Search project. He shared the Best Student Paper award at the 2009 Document Recognition and Retrieval conference, and won an Honorable Mention Best Student Paper award at the DAS 2010 Workshop.  He completed his Ph.D. dissertation Whole-Book Recognition in December 2010; a T-PAMI journal article has been accepted for publication and is in press.  He is employed by Microsoft, Inc. in Seattle, WA.

Sui-Yu Wang joined us in Fall 2005 and, for a while, worked on advanced human interactive proofs, including implicit and hinted CAPTCHAs (cf. my paper with Jon Bentley at the Document Recognition & Retrieval Conf., San Jose, CA, January 2005; and another paper presented at ICPR'07); this project was supported in part by Avaya Labs Research.  She completed her Ph.D. dissertation Feature Selection Focused within Error Clusters in May 2010. She is employed by the computer security firm Trend Micro, Inc., in Taiwan.

Michael Moll  joined us in Spring 2005.  He first investigated open problems in pattern recognition and document image analysis, e.g. (a) technical conditions for human legibility of the ScatterType CAPTCHA (cf. our paper presented at the Int'l Conf. on Document Analysis and Recognition, Seoul, Korea, August, 2005); (b) software infrastructure for DIA R&D; and (c) the DICE project (cf. below). He completed the requirements for the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in December 2008: his dissertation was entitled Document Image Content Retrieval. His work was supported in part by a grant from DARPA IPTO.   Dr. Moll is employed by CACI International Inc, which provides professional services and IT solutions to federal agencies.

Jean Nonnemaker  completed the requirements for the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in December 2008:  her dissertation was entitled The Safe Use of Synthetic Data in Classification.  Dr. Nonnemaker is employed by Library and Technology Services at Lehigh University and has taught in the CS Dept at East Stroudsburg University.

Kristen Gardner worked on a senior project to extract Haar features using the fast Viola-Jones algorithm.

Kaustubh Pansare joined the DICE project as a research assistant during the summer of 2007.

Rehana Valli worked on a senior project in which she enhance an existing interactive graphics tool for ground-truthing document images.

Matthew Casey wrote a Master's Thesis with me on Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbors [abstract, pdf] earning his degree in May 2006. He interned at Google in the summer of 2006.   He joined Google as a full-time permanent employee in early 2007.  At Google he has worked on the Books project, among other things; in one of his "20% innovation time off" projects, he co-founded Google Goggles.

Rami Khouri wrote a CS Master's Thesis on Pattern Matching Techniques Applied to Human Computer Interfaces for Virtual Environments and received his M.S. degree in May 2006.

Marc Bollinger, CSE M.S. student, worked on research problems arising in digital libraries in the Summer of 2006.

Don Delorenzo,  worked as a Summer Intern (Summer 2005) on the DICE project, contributing feature-extraction code.  He joined Lockheed Martin, Advanced Technology Labs, Cherry Hill, NJ, in Summer 2006.

Tim Penge, Independent Study (Summer 2005):  redesigned the ScatterType CAPTCHA and its human-user website, and invited widespread use and attacks. 

Dishant Patel, informal independent study (Summer 2005); he helped port K&R C legacy code for document image analysis.

Derek Drake Senior Project (FL04) and Independent Study (SP05): he worked with me on algorithms for distinguishing mathematics notation from English text within images of machine-printed text-lines.  His presentation (PPT file) of this work won Second Prize in the RCEAS Undergraduate Research Symposium (April 20, 2005).  He co-authored a paper with me on this which was presented at the Int'l Conf. on Document Analysis and Recognition (Seoul, Korea, August, 2005).  He joined the Ph.D. program in Computer Sciences at Purdue University in Fall 2005.

Zhenming Liu, Independent Study (SP05):  he explored the mathematical foundations of two closely related statistical models for language & context: (a) variable-length character n-gram probabilities; and (b) word occurrence probabilities.  He joined the M.S. program in Computer Science at Harvard University in Fall 2005.

Before joining Lehigh University...

Dr. Baird served on dissertation committees for these students (among others):
  • Qin Zhang, Ph.D. candidate under Prof. J. Danskin, CS Dept, Dartmouth College, 1996-97.
  • Tapas Kanungo, Ph.D. candidate under Prof. R. Haralick, EE Dept, Univ. of Washington, 1995-96.
  • Tao Hong, Ph.D. candidate under Dr. J. Hull, CS Dept, SUNY Buffalo, 1994-95.
He mentored these students while he was in industrial research:
  • Mark Luk, UC Berkeley CS undergraduate, 2002-03:  built a CAPTCHA web site (while at PARC).  Presently a graduate student in CS at CMU, carrying out sensor network security research with his advisor, Adrian Perrig.
  • Monica Chew, UC Berkeley CS grad student, 2002:  conference paper published on BaffleText CAPTCHA (while at PARC). Will earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science at UC Berkeley, Spring 2005.
  • Allison Coates, UC Berkeley CS grad student, 2000:  conference paper and journal article on the PessimalPrint CAPTCHA (written while at PARC).
  • Tapas Kanungo, Univ. Washington EE grad student, 1994:  two conference papers and a journal article (while at Bell Labs). Was Co-Director of LAMP at Univ. Maryland. Now works as a researcher at IBM Almaden Laboratories.
  • Derrick Gilbert, undergraduate junior, 1993:  conference paper (while at Bell Labs).
  • Susan Dorward, undergraduate junior, 1989; later also Princeton CS PhD candidate, 1991:  two conference papers, one journal article, and a patent (while at Bell Labs).  Earned an M.S. in Computer Science at Princeton and now works for a software technology firm in New Jersey.
  • Deborah Wallace, undergraduate junior, 1988 (while at Bell Labs).
  • Susana Lam, undergraduate junior, 1986:  conference paper (while at Bell Labs).


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